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Darkness. Darkness everlasting.

These are the words that would come to the mind of one inside of a coffin, had one been inside for what felt like an everlasting amount of time.

They are not, however, words that would come to mind had one entered a coffin the correct way, being deceased, or had the coffin-dweller entered such a state by being iron-maidened with extreme prejudice.

Had either of these things happened, one would neither hear one's coffin's bare-handed open-wrenching nor feel the kind sting of twin fangs sliding into a dried husk of a neck.

But one might feel the blood rushing familiar into their veins, the quickening pulse, the lifting of slumber's haze from their mind...

Globetrotting outlaw Dracula finds a powerful ally in an Egyptian crypt—Frankenstein’s monster himself. Can these fiends thwart the werewolf regime and take back the night?

This illustrated novel is an affectionate pastiche of classic horror films and literature, made with corny jokes and a thick thesaurus.

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